Quality Assurance

We deliver stand-alone and integrated testing services to various customers from software product startups to larger corporations, providing supreme quality assurance through a deep understanding of your business goals and applications.

Quality Assurance allows for a better control of the quality of the application, makes the evaluation of the product’s compliance with the original requirements fast and easy and provides valuable insights into end-user impressions of the product.

QA Consulting - Documented analysis of your project along with fact-and-experience oriented recommendations.

Full-Cycle QA - From the requirement analysis through the development, implementation, and maintenance of solutions.

Documentation - Various types of clearly structured documents for different target audiences.

Test Automation - Custom test development plus out of the box test automation solution selection to create the optimum combination based on goals, technologies, and infrastructure.

Software Testing - Web, desktop, mobile applications or server-side systems – we create a comprehensive testing mix for each application to ensure consistent high-quality.

Functional Testing - Gain independent assurance that defects are resolved before users find them and the system meets original requirements.

Performance Testing - Mitigate the risk associated with slow application performance or system failure due to high user volume.

Usability Testing - Find out first-hand how real users interact with your app with real-time usability testing.

Mobile App Testing - Ensure your customers have a consistent user experience across various devices and mobile platforms.

Compliance Testing - Ensure compliance to government legislation and ensure privacy and security of your data.

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